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Tips For Using Cardboard POS Display Correctly

Tips For Using Cardboard POS Display Correctly

Pulished on Feb. 28, 2019

1, In supermarkets, shopping malls, be careful, do not let customers use Cardboard POS Display, paper shelves, moving or friction pressure beyond the carrying capacity of the goods, or in wet places, fresh areas or meat.

2. Regular cleaning. It just looks neat, clean paper shelves to attract more consumers.

3. The position of the Paper Environmental Hanging Packaging For Display is very important. When the design of the paper shelf attracts the customer in the past, the customer cannot get it because the location is improper or it is difficult to access the pin.

4, in general, from 110 to 110 years of average human visuality, width of 1.5 meters to 2 meters of visible distance, pedestrians shopping in the mall angle of 60 degrees, 1 m. Therefore, the visual scope of the merchant should be combined with the consumer's visual habits, and the issues that must be considered in the design to ensure the surface of the product on display and increase the probability of purchase.

5. Some people in the passage and the doorway walk high-frequency paper shelves, which are naturally more resistant to damage than other areas, and it should be more protected.

Reasonable use and health paper shelves not only extend the life of the paper shelves, but also bring more benefits and make the space more rational.

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