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How To Make A Paper Sidekick Display

How To Make A Paper Sidekick Display

Pulished on Aug. 03, 2018

Tools / Materials (optional):

1, corrugated cardboard: the raw materials for making paper display racks from paper hook display Factory

2, carton proofing machine: used to make samples

3, printing machine: a beautiful picture of the printed surface, post-press processor: UV, light film, matte film, bronzing

5, squatting machine: the printing paper and corrugated paper are combined into one

6, die-cutting machine:: die-cut each unit

7, glue: a single component is glued together

Step / Method:

1, according to the habits of the terminal store consumers to design a program suitable for product promotion display

2, according to the promotion theme scheme to design a paper sidekick display style suitable for terminal display

3, according to the paper shelf style, select materials and load-bearing structure, confirm all relevant data to make a physical sample

5, confirm that the sample begins to print out of the film, the printed product needs to be surface treated.

7, crater: the printed facial tissue is bonded to the pit paper, die cutting: making a mold according to the die line diagram

9, bonding: cross-cut forming after bonding individual components

10, packaging: folding flattening packaging

Paper Sidekick Display

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