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How To Better Design Paper Floor Display Stands?

How To Better Design Paper Floor Display Stands?

Pulished on Feb. 21, 2019

Paper Floor Display Stands and paper display stands are used in major shopping malls to display paper display stands and paper display stands for different products. It can fully express the basic spirit of enterprise identification and its differences in order to enable viewers to identify and Familiar with. Because the customer likes to associate the product with the color of the paper display stand and the paper display frame, the two match, using the associated color to decorate the paper display stand and the paper display stand display product will create a kind of "logical "Feeling helps to remember."

The color design of the logo is extremely precise and concise. Here, the corporate logo provides us with rich design elements and design basis for our paper display rack and Recycle Cardboard Display Box design. Finally, we know that the terminal store promotion product display design should have a strong visual appeal, and directly deepen the audience's recognition and memory to the enterprise, creating an affinity for the paper display stand and paper display rack, and the customer receives paper. The beautiful picture on the surface of the display stand and paper display rack attracts the past to ask for purchase. The surface picture design is a part of the paper display stand and paper display frame design hub, which has a direct connection to the promotion.

The corporate logo is the symbol of the enterprise and the form of the corporate brand. Therefore, the application of the corporate logo in the design of paper display racks and paper display racks will certainly reflect the characteristics of the company, and at the same time, it will be able to obtain the promotional effects of the products with distinctive features. According to the beautiful picture that can reflect the characteristics of the product and then combine the novel structure, it will become a perfect state. The means of realization of individualized design should be combined with the nature of the enterprise, the function of the product, and the direction of development. Through all visual conformity, the business philosophy and intelligence information of the enterprise should be conveyed, instead of blindly pursuing the special effect. These places are more elegant, so the products on the display have progressed to a level, further attracting customers' attention and gaining customers' trust. On the contrary, if the color is not completely out of touch with the paper display stand and the paper display stand, the two are not matched, and it is unrealistic to require the audience to have a hard memory. In addition, the color design also has a principle of simplicity. If the color changes too much, it will easily cause visual fatigue, but it will not achieve the striking effect.

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