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The advantages of cardboard display shelf

The advantages of cardboard display shelf

Pulished on Jul. 24, 2018

The cardboard display shelf is different from other common acrylic display rack, display rack and so on. Metal, paper box can be printed on the brand of LOGO and a variety of colors and patterns, especially attract attention; we use environmentally friendly paper and ink, display more recycling, reduce environmental pollution; an advantage is the most obvious, paper shelf display cardboard packaging can draw, whether it is installed, transportation is very convenient, can use after the break up, save space.

Counter displays & PDQ box can according to the different needs of customers, design a table display box with metal or plastic hook hook, or according to the product display, designed the structure of different Neto, can fully meet the requirements of different products exhibition. About the structure design, we will have a special design for you to answer the problem of structure, from the rich experience point of view for your tailor-made products most suitable paper display.

Our products are not limited by MOQ, welcome to contact us, to communicate your thoughts, we will try our best to provide you with the most excellent display, signs, etc. various kinds of paper Duitou display products!

The advantages of cardboard display shelf

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